A Complete Guide to Ugg Boots

A Complete Guide to Ugg Boots

So you could wear them in July and August and UGG Australia actually claim the brand is good for summer. But the fashion world advises against it from a style point of view, believing that combining Uggs with a summer dress, for example, would look silly.

A commonly cited rule of thumb is that if it’s too hot for trousers, jeans or leggings, don’t wear Ugg boots. Having said that, also be wary in very cold weather. Ugg boots are not known for their grip so be careful in ice, snow and mud.

Similarly, wearing socks with your boots is a bone of contention. The advice given is that since sweat is diverted away in a process known as “wicking”, your feet will remain warm and dry in the winter and cool and dry in the summer in the soft lining. But some people believe they are more comfortable with socks and the boots begin to smell more quickly if worn without them. Moisturising your feet regularly puts paid to the issue.

UGG boots are available in light sandy shades to deep black tones, and a range of brighter colours. Unless you’re going for a waterproof style, the suede uppers of Classic designs can be prone to fading and staining.

Going Light: Lighter coloured UGG boots are great for making a statement. They contrast and compliment outfits in equal measure but are also prone to unwanted marks and stains. As a result, lighter coloured UGG boots, such as sand and grey, are best for the drier summer months.

Going Dark: In contrast quite literally darker colours such as chestnut and black are brilliant at hiding signs of winter wear and tear. However, they can fade if not looked after properly and cleaned quickly.

Colourful: Pinks, reds, purples and patterns such as leopard skins are all available. Hit the search engines and you’ll even find brides in sparkly editions.

Quantity Quality of Photos People with nothing to hide, hide nothing. True UGG sellers will usually display a good selection of detailed photos to prove their boots’ authenticity. Look for close ups, boots shots, box shots and label shots; inspect fully.

The Box New UGG boots are packaged in brown, two piece boxes with a starburst logo in the left corner. The size, style, colour and country of origin should be clearly stated on a white logo at one end. Newer boxes also feature a small hologram sticker that alternates between the starburst and UGG Australia logos.

Logo All classic UGG boots feature raised labels on the heels. The letters of the logo should overlap slightly without gaps. Inside, the details on the product label should match those on the box.