Can You Wash UGG Slippers

UGGs have secured a place as an enduring nationwide fashion trend, and the brand has moved beyond boots, whose fluffy sheepskin was originally made for surfers to warm their feet after a run. Now UGG makes all kinds of shoes and fashion accessories for men and ladies, from ear warmers to sandals, and, most popularly, slippers. UGG shoes and accessories also come in a variety of colors, including the signature tan brown, grey, black, and even seasonal colors such as pink and blue.

While UGG boots and slippers for men and women can be made from several types of materials, their signature style involves a suede upper with a delicate sheepskin lining. The suede provides a clean line, while the sheepskin is a uniquely soft fluff that hugs the feet. These slippers should never be put in the washing machine or sent to a dry cleaner, so buyers should first consider the necessary cleaning supplies before purchasing a pair of UGG slippers.

UGG slippers, like ugg udsalg other UGG shoes and boots, can be purchased in a men’s or a women’s size, and in a variety of colors and styles. The comfort and warmth that these sheepskin slippers offer contribute to their popularity. UGG uses luxurious Grade A Twinface sheepskin. Sheepskin, cured sheep hide, is not a synthetic material, and it is durable yet delicate. This material cannot withstand getting run through a washing machine cycle and wears down when exposed to repeated wet weather conditions, such as snow, slush, and rain. For this reason, UGG slippers are not recommended for use during inclement weather, though they can be worn inside as well as outside.

Different Slipper Styles

The UGG line of shoes, boots, and slippers reflects a comfortable, active lifestyle and UGG Australia manufactures a variety of relaxed slippers for the entire family. Designed for both indoor and outdoor wear, these slippers are practical and comfortable. While there are a countless number of styles, there are a few popular favorites.

Because sheepskin is extremely warm, individuals often wear these thermal slippers during the cold winter months. Due to wet weather conditions during these months, it is necessary to maintain constant upkeep and cleaning.

UGG Care and Cleaning

UGG ugg vinterstøvler shoes and boots are warm and cozy, but they not waterproof. Mud, salt, heavy water, and snow can ruin suede UGG slippers. These harsh conditions make the suede look worn and old, and salt specifically can damage a suede black UGG boot, making it appear white in places. The tricky thing is that a pair of UGGs cannot be washed in a washing machine or using other traditional methods, since many detergents will harm the delicate suede and sheepskin fabrics. However, unless UGGs are only worn inside, it is unlikely that UGGs will stay dry forever. To keep a UGG boots looking new, owners should apply a cleansing treatment approximately every two months. Make sure the slipper is completely dry, and then lightly brush the suede. Do not use a back and forth rubbing motion, but rather brush in one direction. This removes large pieces of dirt while shortening the nap. Sheepskin is delicate and should billige ugg støvler not be run through the washing machine or sent to the dry cleaner. Instead, carefully hand wash this material. Begin by wetting the outside surface of the slipper with water. To do this, wet a clean cotton cloth in cold water and wring out the excess. Then gently rub the entire slipper with the damp cloth. Apply about a teaspoon of the UGG Australia cleaner and conditioner (a two in one product) to an unsoiled, wet sponge, and then gently scrub the outside of the slipper. After applying a coat of the cleaner and conditioner, use a wet cloth to wipe it off. Allow a newly cleaned pair of slippers to dry completely in a well ventilated room away from sunlight.

Stain and Water Protection

After the clean suede slippers have dried completely, it is time to apply a protector. Treat clean slippers with UGG water and stain repellent, which is specifically designed to work with the UGG sheepskin cleaner and conditioner. To use the spray, hold the can about 6 inches away from the slipper and evenly spray the surface of the slipper with a coat of the protector, but be careful not to saturate the footwear. Allow the slippers to dry naturally, away from direct sunlight and heat for at least 24 hours. Once completely dry, brush the suede shell again.

How to Purchase UGG Care Products on eBay

Consumers can easily find a wide variety of UGG slippers, boots, and other shoes, as well as cleansing products on eBay simply by conducting a basic keyword search. Go to any eBay page and type “UGG cleaner” in the main search bar. To narrow the search results and achieve a more precise list of products, specify a certain type of slipper, boot, shoe, cleanser, brush, or stain protector. UGG boots can be damaged by exposure to uggs støvler water, snow, mud, and salt. Still, it is unlikely that an UGG owner will be able to keep a pair of slippers dry for their entire lifetime, and the time will come when UGGs need to be cleaned.

Like any fine garment, suede is delicate and requires proper care and maintenance, but this does not include putting the slippers in the washing machine or soaking them with traditional detergents. Also, a pair of UGG slippers should never be sent to the dry cleaner. UGG boots and slippers should always be cleansed by hand. To remove stuck on dirt, regularly the suede and lightly moisten the uppers, applying cleanser and stain protector. Frequent care lengthens the lifespan of these trendy, cozy, comfortable boots and slippers.