Deckers Ugg Australia Boots

The first thing to remember when buying Ugg boots is that there is more than ugg sko one brand available. There ugg støvler børn are many brands of Ugg Boot. Ugg is the generic term used for this style of pull on sheepskin boot. The brand made popular in recent years by celebs is however Ugg Australia. These boots are made by the Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Don’t confuse them with Jumbo Uggs, Made In Australia ugg udsalg Ugg Boots, LFA Ugg Boots or any of the other similarly named boots.

Points to consider before you purchase your Deckers Ugg Australia Boots

Firstly Look at the Ugg Australia website. The site has very detailed stock photographs and size information. You can look at the boots in tiny detail. Authentic boots do not differ. It also gives you the current prices.

Having said all that, it is possible to buy genuine Ugg Australia boots on ebay if you do your homework first.

Check the seller. Check how long they have been registered for. Check their feedback. Look at their other items for sale. Avoid any new sellers with no feedback who have just registered with ebay. Do not buy items from China. I personally would only deal with UK Sellers unless you have lots of prior knowledge.

If you purchase your boots from abroad you are liable for Customs Vat charges upon delivery.

Look at the photographs. Go for a seller with their own photographs, not stock photographs stolen from somebody else. Ask for more photographs if you are unsure.

Check the style name and number as Fake copies often advertised with the wrong style name and number.


I have contacted Ugg Australia and they have confirmed that all Ugg Australia Class Boots are now made in China. Ugg Australia Sundance Boots and Ugg Australia Ultra Boots are made in New Zealand. Ugg Australia Classic Boots were actually mostly made in Australia up untill 2 years ago. There are still some genuine Ugg Australia Classic Boots around with the Made In Australia label.

Once you receive your boots check them carefully. Ugg Australia are high quality sheepskin boots. The seams should be uggs støvler double sewn. There should be no loose threads or missing stitches. The sheepskin should not be loose and should not come away when pulled. Check the stitching around the label is neat. There should be no visible glue. If you have any doubts take them to your local stockist. They will tell you if they are authentic or not.