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Literally the day AFTER we record last week’s show, Wizards goes and gives us probably one of THE most relevant changes to the format to date: The one sided legend rule, as well as a new rule for Planeswalkers. Both are shaking things up and leading to speculation that the upcoming Fall expert expansion set, Theros, will be a “legends matter” block. What’s he got for us this time?

Test General: Jarad, Golgari Lich Lord

Verdict: These mechanics can’t be slapped in, but a deck built around using +1/+1 counters as a resource would enjoy them.

The Legendary Clone Saga: 1:03:23 1:34:12

Clones aren’t legendary kills spells anymore? YESSS!!! We discuss and debate the various sides to this issue and take a look at some cards and clones that change with this new revelation.

No more killing your own cradles!

1:34:34 to END: Outtro: Thanks for listening!

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I think a small ugg udsalg part of the disagreement about the Legends rule change depends on how long you been playing the game.

I definitely all for having fun, with casual EDH being my go to format with friends of mine every week, but I also been playing close to twenty years (19) of my life and I also play standard. That gives me a pretty broad perspective of the timeline of Magic, though not an exclusive one.

I am not a is falling type person when it comes to anything, especially a niche card game played by a bunch of nerds (myself included). I seen a slowly growing attempt to open up the game by quietly removing any downside that made the game more interesting and strategic.

This looks to be a financial decision,, and if Wizards would own up to that, I don’t think I’d have as much of a problem. If they said:

“Hey, we are always looking to expand our player base and we need fresh players to those we lose to attrition, lack of interest, etc. We know that younger players want to be able to play their cool planeswalkers they pull from a pack or the awesome big legends that they identify with. If we have a set chock full of legends, ugg støvler børn like Theros, and 5 Planeswalkers coming out every single block, they might not be able to play their new cool cards if their opponent is too. This is the same reason we started printing mythic rares, powered down land destruction and discard, and eliminated mana burn. We looked at our key growing demographics, we used information from our polls and surveys that pop up on the mother ship site and found that the majority of younger and inexperienced players enjoy playing powerful spells and not having their key resources eliminated or turned against them. Everything we do is based around a financial perspective, we run a business and we’re looking to make Hasbro shareholders and investors money.”

But instead we are fed a line that this was a play based decision, I feel that they consistently lie to their customers and it’s discouraging.

I know it something I get used to, like every other change in the game, but I seen too many things that just sour me to the current iteration of Magic.

If you want a more entertaining hyperbolic and curse ridden rant, I suggest you listen to Jay Boosh over on the Eh Team podcast from last week (episode 130).

I say that I honestly do believe Wizards when they say that this was a decision I also believe them when they say that they more interested in making the game better than making money, because they do actually care about their player base. With that said, they also acknowledged that as a business they need to make money, but they use how much they earn to help determine if a block or product did well and as an overall statistic rather than a motivator (hence why products like the premium series were eliminated for the new commander pre cons that we get instead).

Wizards owns up to their mistakes (the ban list, Jace the Mind Sculptor, Avacyn Restored limited, etc), so I have no qualms believing their intentions. Not only that, but Hasbro is very hands off about what Wizards does to begin with so I doubt there anything to it there. Remember that just about the entirety of R are made up of nerds, geeks, and players just like us. Development is full of nothing but former pro tour players, some of which are even in the hall of fame, so I think its safe to say they understand what interesting from a tournament player perspective, especially one playing for a long time.

I hate it when players say that removing the downside takes away from decisions and strategy that make the game because it really doesn Cutting out those downsides means that you have more that you can do. When they cut out mana burn, you didn have to worry about any leftover mana biting you in the ass just because you wanted to make the right play.

With the old legend rule, if you Liliana out and one in hand, you could use her ability and let the second one ugg københavn be a dead card for the turn. NOW, you could use her 2 to sac a dude you could +1 and make everyone discard. But what if you wanted to use your second copy and it was the only one uggs støvler in your hand? Do you Lili by playing the second one and sending the first to the graveyard so you don lose your planeswalker? Do you hold onto her and do nothing so that the first one can be a meatshield? If Lili number one has enough loyalty, do you try and double sac someone, or do you want everyone to discard two? A combo attack with each ability? THAT is an example of how it opens up play.

Similarly, this also makes GRANDEUR a lot more feasible in COMMANDER. By keeping the clone on the field, if you have any sort of disentomb or regrowth effects, you can discard the original to the clone to get powers that you would have had to jump through several hopes to make work. How is that not more fun or interesting than letting them legend rule each other out?